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Children & Art History in London


London has the luxury of many museums,

and many of them free to enter.


This means that you don't need to get your 'money's worth', and

you can stay at a museum for however long your children are interested.



A number of museums organize family events, and some have trails you can print out before you visit.


To do at a museum:


  • Wallace Collection: children’s audio guide; available from the Information Desk (price: £3)



  • Victoria & Albert Museum: Backpacks: full of brilliant hands-on activities, including jigsaws, stories, puzzles, construction games and objects to handle. Activities last approximately 45 minutes and are suitable for children aged 5-12. available every day from the Learning Centre and can also be collected from the Main Entrance during most school holidays. 







To do at home:

  • Or do this colouring page of ballet dancers by Degas at home, and then visit the Courtauld Gallery looking for similar works!


  • Spot the difference: Charity, by Sir Anthony van Dyck (National Gallery), 1617-28, and Charity, by the studio of van Dyck (Dulwich Picture Gallery), 1630











          Test your memory, play detective, or solve a puzzle


  • Send free Museum E-cards:







  • Recreate a famous painting with your family or friends:















You can also book a guided visit with one of our specialists!

for more information on family tours please email:

art history
art history
art history