Art, a Detective Story (27/11, 4, 11/12/20)
  • Art, a Detective Story (27/11, 4, 11/12/20)

    Lydia Bauman will be back at the end of this year with a three part lecture series decoding symbols in painting.


    Friday 27/11/20: Decoding Symbols in Paintings 

    Attributes, personifications, emblems and allegories are all there to allow Paintings to say so much more than meets the eye. We will unravel some of the hidden meanings in paintings across art history.


    4/12: The Mona Lisa and Other Housewives - How Portraits Lie About Their Sitters

    There are all sorts of reasons why portraits depart from the truth of sitter’s appearance: an artist’s individual style, the pressures of society’s expectations, propaganda, flattery, the sitter’s own vanity, are just some of them. We will trace the history of lying portraits from the Renaissance to the 20th century.


    11/12: Vermeer and Music - Art of Love and Leisure

    Music and music-making, played a very big role in 17th century Dutch society and consequently also in the art of that time. Its practice was restricted by all manner of social etiquette, while its representation was a rich source of moral and often amusing innuendoes.


    Whittaker Suite,
    Old Town Hall,
    Whittaker Avenue,
    Richmond TW9 1TP


    £12 per lecture (Please book the number of tickets you would like to buy, and specify the dates separately)


    delivered by Lydia Bauman

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