DIY Bracelet making kit, inspired by Rembrandt's Jewish Bride
  • DIY Bracelet making kit, inspired by Rembrandt's Jewish Bride

    Receive a beautiful envelop through your letterbox, filled with semi precious stones, clear instructions and Art Historical background on the painting 'The Jewish Bride' by Rembrandt, background on jewellery of the 17th century, and the meaning of the stones included in the kit!


    Everything that is needed to make this bracelet is included in the envelop. All is packaged so that it will fit through your letterbox, with no need to be home to receive this or the worry to have to pick it up from the post office.


    The stones are well sourced semi precious stones all put together in this lovely design by 'De Verwenbron', and will be shipped from Holland including all the instructions and the Art Historical background. They include Opals which are said to make you happy, optimistic, full of life, and creative; Hematites which protect, harmonise, improve will power and your memory; and Garnets which are the perfect stones during a crisis as they give energy, perseverance, power, self-belief, and vitality!


    Please note that the shipment costs to Europe, the UK or the US are included, please contact us directly for the costs to other countries.

    • Ready Made Bracelets

      For those of you who worry this might be too difficult, please know that we will be listing ready made bracelets made with the same quality beads separately on our website. For more information please contact

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