• Introducing the exhibition: Gauguin Portraits (13/12/19)

    From 7 October 2019 to  26 January 2020, the National Gallery in London run the exhibition: 'Gauguin Portraits'. To get a deeper understanding of Gauguin and this exhibition join Alan Read on Friday 13 December.


    Best known for his exotic and deeply symbolic paintings, this exhibition also includes three-dimensional works in a variety of media – there are experimental ceramics and chunky wood carvings. More than 100 years after his death, this colonialist, explorer, misogynist, fantasist and avant-garde ground-breaker, has been given the first ever exhibition devoted to his portraits. 

    The National Gallery puts the man and his life under the microscope with fifty works drawn together from around the world. From his early days as an outsider to his years in French Polynesia. Highlights include the striking Gauguin self-portrait Christ in the Garden of Olives, in which he depicts himself as ‘the chosen one’, and the leap-off-the-canvas yellow and purples of Woman with a Mango.


    Friday 13 December 2019 


    Whittaker Suite

    Old Town Hall

    Whittaker Avenue

    Richmond TW9 1TP


    delivered by Alan Read