Painting Kit (suitable for 'Appreciating the Work in Artworks')
  • Painting Kit (suitable for 'Appreciating the Work in Artworks')

    Tim at Jackson’s in Fulham will be processing the materials for our Painting Kit. He will make up a complete parcel with all the materials needed for our course: 'Appreciating the Work in Artworks'.


    The kit will include the following high quality items, which will last you for the whole series:

    • A brush (hog hair)
    • A palette (tear-off disposable palette pad)
    • Oil paints (Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Lemon Yellow, Titanium White)
    • A canvas (roughly 25 x 35 cm)

    NB We can't stress enough the difference between good and bad materials, and the complete joy that good quality materials and tools are to use!


    Tim needs at least a week between receiving your address to having your package delivered. However, the longer the better as postage is a bit unreliable at the moment.

    Please note you want to aim to have the parcel arrive before the first session of the course 'Appreciating the Work in Artworks'.


    The Painting kit costs £40 with no additional profit or commission for Art Historical London. The £40 includes postage to a UK address, please email about costs to other locations.

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