Private Tour: Symbolism To Modernism, at Tate Britain (24/4/20)

24/4: Symbolism To Modernism - Edward Burne-Jones, Whistler 

At Tate Britain

The art produced by Edward Burne-Jones and his circle were intended as the ultimate portrayal of beauty and a new aesthetic was born.   For the first time in British Art painters tried to capture a mood with colour, line and subject.  This theme was developed by James McNeill Whistler, who gave his paintings musical titles and endured a long and expensive court battle with Ruskin, the great critic over his painting Nocturne in Black and Gold, arguably one of the first abstract paintings in art.


Join Hattie at Tate Britain as she guides you past some of these interesting works of art, showcasing a new direction in the art of Britain.


Friday 24/4


Tate Britain

Millbank, Westminster,

London SW1P 4RG




delivered by Hattie Bennett

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