• Victorian Painting from realism to romance (17, 24/4, 1/5/20)

    Hattie will be back with a series of talks about her favourite period in art: the late 19th century! Some of you had asked for more after her series ended before Christmas, so here we are:


    Friday 17 April 2020 Landseer and the "Balmoralisation" of Scotland
    at the Old Town Hall in Richmond
    The romantic past of Scotland celebrated in the novels of Walter Scot were captured in Landseer's misty paintings of landscapes peopled by tartan clad highlanders, noble stags and brave huntsman. Ignoring the successes of the Scottish Enlightenment and the poverty and clearances of the highlands, Landseer cements a view of Scottishness begun in the 18th century. In this talk we will discuss the authenticity of this brand of "Scottishness" and the role played by the Royal Family in creating it.


    24/4: Symbolism To Modernism - Edward Burne-Jones, Whistler 

    At Tate Britain

    The art produced by Edward Burne-Jones and his circle were intended as the ultimate portrayal of beauty and a new aesthetic was born.   For the first time in British Art painters tried to capture a mood with colour, line and subject.  This theme was developed by James McNeill Whistler, who gave his paintings musical titles and endured a long and expensive court battle with Ruskin, the great critic over his painting Nocturne in Black and Gold, arguably one of the first abstract paintings in art.


    1/5 John Singer Sargent and the Society Portrait

    at the Old Town Hall in Richmond

    Born in America and trained in Paris, John Singer Sargent synthesised the portrait styles of Valesquez, Gainsborough and Van Dyck to produce elegant images painted with the lose, expressive brush strokes of the Impressionists.  European and American society flocked to be painted in flattering poses and many of his portraits encapsulate the "Golden Age" of the USA.  Disliked by painters such as Sickert and the Bloomsbury Group, in later life Sargent focused on his first love, landscape and monumental paintings of World War 1.


    17/4 and 1/5 at the Whittaker Suite
    Old Town Hall,
    Whittaker Avenue,
    Richmond TW9 1TP

    24/4 at Tate Britain

    Millbank, Westminster,

    London SW1P 4RG


    £12 per lecture (Please book the number of tickets you would like to buy, and specify the dates separatedly)


    delivered by Hattie Bennett