• Stonemason Stonewriters and other creative texts, talk and walk (13 & 20/3/20)

    City of London Guide Tina Baxter has put together a talk and a walk exploring the creativity of cut lettering and how artists have explored this medium.  Several works by Richard Kindersley, as well as Matthew Bell, Andrew Whittle and Joanna Migdal, who all have monuments in the City of London, will be discussed. A perspective of the actual carving and cut lettering will be given, the materials used will be explained, and of course the history behind the works will all form part of Tina's talk.


    The walk will take place in the City of London. Starting from Blackfriars Station, Queen Victoria Street, EC4V 4DD (north side) and finishing at the Goldsmiths’ Centre, you will be guided through the city streets, encountering the rich heritage, stories and skill required to carve, cut and engrave text. 
    The walk takes in memorials, maps and measures, discover a compass, a flame and a totem pole, plus an ancient cuneiform slab hidden from public view.


    Friday 13th March 2020 11.00-12.00 Talk

    Whittaker Suite

    Old Town Hall

    Whittaker Avenue

    Richmond TW9 1TP


    20th March 2020 11.00-13.00 Walk

    City of London, starting at Blackfriars Station, Queen Victoria Street, EC4V 4DD

    NB There is a cafe at the Goldsmith's Centre for lunch. (Farringdon Station nearby)  


    Note that if you buy these together you pay £24.

    The talk on its own is £12

    The walk on its own is £15 (no cash on the day)


    delivered by Tina Baxter

      Art History Courses London