• Support access to the arts for others!

    We have partnered up with Rosetta Arts, an organisation that delivers creative courses, workshops and experiences for people in east London, reaching those who otherwise have little access to the rich and transformative benefits of the arts and education.


    At the heart of Rosetta's programming is the ambition to work across gender, disability, age and income, respond to poverty and inequality, and be a catalyst for creative talent.


    Art Historical London already offers Rosetta access to our events for a highly reduced fee. We would now like you to help us fund dedicated events for larger groups of students from Rosetta Arts. 


    If you buy one 'ticket' you will be able to join this event too, with every group having up to 5 of Art Historical London donors present.


    Once we reach 5 sales, we will set a day, time and theme for the event, and let you know. 


    Please feel free to email me if you have any question about these events at: mariska@arthistoricallondon.com


    or talk to Tina Dugard, Course Registrar & Admin Assistant at Rosetta Arts about their organisation, at: admin@rosettaarts.org



    Charity profile


    Registered with the Charity Commission as 1177462

    1 Hamilton Road, London E15 3AE




    Area of Operation: Newham   


    You can also make a direct donation to Rosetta Arts via the Charities Aid Foundation.