• The Liquid Muse in Western Art,1700- present (15, 22, 29/5/20)

    Freddie Heacock is back!! And especially for us he has put together a very exciting series of talks: 'Dionyses, Madame Genever and The Green Fairy: The Liquid Muse in Western Art' 1700 - Present


    Over the course of three weeks we will be exploring the relationship between alcohol, inspiration and insanity in paintings, etchings and sculpture from 1700 to the present day. Stopping along the way at Classical Bacchanalian feasts, Hogarth's gin-addled London and the bohemian studios of absinthe-tinged Paris, we will explore the liquid muse in its various forms as a tool in the making and breaking of artistic careers. Through the lenses of heightened realism, ethereal abstraction and rose-tinted nostalgia, this impartial* survey will pose the question - Is there method in the madness of the measure?



    Whittaker Suite, Old Town Hall,

    Whittaker Avenue,

    Richmond TW9 1TP


    £12 per lecture (Please book the number of tickets you would like to buy, and specify the dates separately)


    delivered by Freddie Heacock