Turner in the industrial Age (18,25/9, 2,9,16/10/20)

As a curtain raiser to Tate Britain’s major new exhibition of Turner’s  Modern World, (October 28-, 2020 to March 7, 2021) Cindy Polemis will present a series of five lectures examining how Turner articulated the dramatic changes taking place in the age of the Industrial Revolution.


Turner was born in the age of sail but lived through the age of steam; many artists chose to ignore the social, economic and political reforms which transformed society but Turner confronted these new challenges with his own language of art.


18/9: The Industrial Revolution and the Romantic Sublime

25/9: The Steamboat

2/10: Northern Powerhouse: Industrial landscapes

9/10: Turner’s London

16/10: Rain Steam and Speed-The Railroad and Victorian Consciousness


Whittaker Suite,
Old Town Hall,
Whittaker Avenue,
Richmond TW9 1TP


£12 per lecture (Please book the number of tickets you would like to buy, and specify the dates separatedly)


delivered by Cindy Polemis