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Website Members

On our website you will now find a 'Members Only' section. This can be found under the tap: Events. Here you will find exclusive site member content like replays of previous talks, which have been bundled to bring down the price even more.

As a site member you will also have access to our Low Cost Wednesdays. We will be posting free, practically free and 'Pay what you want' LIVE online talks taking place on Wednesdays.

These events will mostly be re-runs of previously delivered talks, but unlike the replays these are live events with the chance to ask questions and interact with the speaker.

Not everyone who is on our database is a member of our website.

Being a member of our database means you receive our newsletter and you will have access to our Library of On Demand Recorded Lectures, using password Mariska.

Being a member of the website means you get your own account where you can see all your information, like previously booked events, any subscriptions, what details we hold of you in our database and more. You will also be able to access the 'member only' part of our website giving you the chance to enjoy free and highly discounted talks.

When accessing the 'member only' page you will be asked to either log in (for existing site members) or sign up (for new site members).