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Art of Ukraine: 'The Art of Resistance'

In this lecture we will be examining contemporary artists and their responses to the second Russian invasion on 24/2/2022. In addition to the conventional mediums of art, we will be examining the role of digital art and mass media as an artistic tool in the fight against tyranny and oppression.

Art of Ukraine: 'The Art of Resistance'
Art of Ukraine: 'The Art of Resistance'

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Online Recorded Lecture

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Delivered by Freddie Heacock-Barber,  a postgraduate alumnus of The Courtauld Institute of Art, where he specialised in Modern British painting and sculpture.

Since 2017, a developing research interest the Soviet Union led him to study Russian and subsequently

Ukrainian languages. After his last lecture series for Art Historical London on Soviet Realism Vs British

Realism, he travelled to Ukraine in January and February 2022 and now returns to present a three-part

survey course on 'The Art of Ukraine':

Previous lectures in this series:  27/2/23: 'At The Crossroads'

At the intersection of the Byzantine Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and

the Soviet Union, to name just a few, the country that we now call Ukraine has been subject to an

astoundingly diverse range of visual influences since Kyiv was founded in 482AD. In this first lecture we

will identify the religious, cultural and geographical peculiarities of Ukraine that would set the scene for

the unique artistic expressions that would develop alongside the unshakable identity of the people we

have become so familiar with over the last year.

 6/2/23: 'The Art of a Nation'

This lecture will consider how internationally popularised styles of art in the late

19th and 20th Centuries were used to define the characteristics of a Nation. We will be examining artists

who worked within the geographical boundaries and political framework of the Soviet Union but whose

art undeniably reflects the cultural traditions and aspirations of Ukraine as a state in and of itself.

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