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Frequently asked questions

Are these degree courses?

No, all our courses are leisure courses. However, many students have gone on to do degree courses else where and we will fully support you in your furture choices.

Is knowledge of the arts expected?

No. Any one can join, how every much or little you know of art or art history.

Do I have to sign up for all the lectures, as part of a course?

No. All lectures work as stand alone subjects, and although they are connected by theme, you can chose to go to the ones you think you will enjoy most.

Do I have to be a member of Art Historical London?

No. We run all our courses without the need of a membership. However, should you wish to be updated on upcoming events, it is best to subscribe to our mailinglist.

Is there an age or mobility limit?

No, there is not. On all our walking tours, museum visits, travel, and guided visits, we will state what to expect. You can always get in touch with us to discuss. In many instances we can find a solution to make sure you can be part of the group.

How do I pay?

You can pay on line using your credit card, or PayPal. We are also more than happy for you to do a banktransfer or send us a cheque. Please email us for details. In some instances you can pay cash on the day.

Do I need to book for any of the events?

When it is a class room lecture there is no need to sign up. Simply turn up and enjoy the lecture. With all our tours we ask you to book in advance. This is important because it is no fun to go around with a very large group, so we like to keep an eye on the numbers. However, you are more than welcome to send us a last minute request by email of phone. If they group isn't full you are more than welcome to join!

Can I bring friends?

Bring as many people as you like! Friends, neighbours, relatives... In fact, if this person has never attended any of our events, one of you doesn't need to pay (or you can split the difference!)