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Art Historical London Course Locations and Affiliations

All our talks and short courses are delivered online and in carefully selected lecture rooms.

Lectures are given with the aid of PowerPoint presentations and are either shared via Zoom, Livestorm or when in person projected on high quality projectors and screens in small and comfortable rooms.


Guided visits take place at the venue, with limited group size, and with the aid of earpieces when required.

Our speakers currently deliver talks at the following platforms and locations:

NAFDAS (an arts education society in the UK, Mainland Europe, New Zealand, and Australia), the New York Adventure Club, the London Art History Society, Orleans House Gallery, friends of the Putney School of Art, The Law Society Art Group, Different-Level, the Anglo-Dutch society and many more.

For our exclusive events in London we are using the following London venue:


Richmond: the Richmond Library Annexe

Online Events
Richmond Library Annexe

For more information on upcoming events go to our Calendar page.

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