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European Art History, an overview

After 21 weeks we worked our way through Western Art History and how the different styles, movements and regional differences defined themselves within the study of Art History. This talk will give an overview of all these periods, giving you a clear idea of the evolution of art until now.

European Art History, an overview
European Art History, an overview

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For those of you with no patience, no time, or in need of a refresher: this talk is for you! Get an overview of all the Western Art Historical Periods, how to recognise them, how they distinguish themselves from other periods, learn about the main players and get a sense of the evolution of art up to the present day.

More extensive coverage on the individual periods in Art: (still available On Demand):

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Middle Ages

Early Renaissance 1: Italy

Early Renaissance 2: Northern Europe

High Renaissance 1: I taly

High Renaissance: North of the Alpes

Baroque in Sourthern Europe

Baroque in Northern Europe





Fin de siecle, end of the 19th century

Isms of the early 20th century

The Interbellum

Post WWII art

Contemporary Art

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