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Hand Outs: Individual Artists
  • Hand Outs: Individual Artists

    Please tell us which hand out you need, supply us with an email address, and we will send it to you asap!


    1. Ai WeiWei: Remembering
    2. Bernini: Ecstasy of St Theresa
    3. Botticelli
    4. Brueghel & Rubens
    5. Caravaggio: Bacchus
    6. Chapman bros: DNA Zygotic
    7. Constable: Hay Wain
    8. Craig-Martin
    9. Dali: The Persistence of Memory
    10. David: The death of Socrates
    11. DaVinci: Madonna on the Rocks
    12. Dou: A Poulterer's Shop
    13. Drouais: Madame de Pompadour
    14. El Greco: Christ driving the moneychangers from the temple
    15. Emin: bed
    16. EverettMillais: Ophelia
    17. Fragonard: The Swing
    18. Freud: Benefits Supervisor Sleeping
    19. Friedrich: wanderer in a sea of fog
    20. Gericault: The Raft of the ‘Medusa’
    21. Giacometti
    22. Goya
    23. Hals: Marriage Portrait
    24. Hamilton: Pop Art
    25. Hockney: A bigger splash
    26. Hogarth: A Rake's Progress
    27. Holbein: the ambassadors
    28. Hopkins: nighthawks
    29. Ingres: Napoleon I
    30. Ingres: Odalisque
    31. Limburg bros: Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry
    32. Malevich: black Square
    33. Mantegna: Triumphs of Caesar
    34. Michelangelo: David
    35. Michelangelo: The Sistine Chapel Ceiling
    36. Miro: Harlequin's Carnival
    37. Mondrian
    38. Monet: Impression Sunrise
    39. Munch: Skrik
    40. O'Keeffe
    41. Perry: The Rosetta Vase
    42. Picasso Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
    43. Raphael: The Entombment
    44. Repin: Religious Procession in Kursk Province
    45. Rembrandt: Anatomy lesson
    46. Rodin: the thinker
    47. Sargent: madame x
    48. Singer Sargent painting techniques
    49. Tadema: Silver Favourites
    50. The Artemision Jockey
    51. Titian: Danae 
    52. Turner and Constable
    53. Turner: Hannibal and His Army Crossing the Alps
    54. VanEyck: The Arnolfini Portrait
    55. VanGogh: A Wheatfield, with Cypresses
    56. Velazquez:Maids of Honour
    57. Velazquez: Portrait of Pope Innocent X
    58. Warhol: soupcans
    59. Watteau: Italian Comedians


    NB £1 per artist handout

    Please tell us which one of the handouts you would like to receive: