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Ancient Rome, an introduction

The Romans unified Europe, adapting & integrating cultural influences from the people that surrounded + preceded them. They gave us arches, vaults and concrete, and consequently huge interior spaces. Portraiture & the commemoration of historical events make their debut.

Ancient Rome, an introduction
Ancient Rome, an introduction

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Online Recorded Webinar


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This lecture is part of a course which offers an intensive introduction to the history of European Art and covers paintings, sculpture, architecture, and decorative art. Sessions concentrate on looking and understanding the works within the context they were made and comparing them to how they differ from works made in different time periods throughout Europe and eventually the world. Lessons provide you with an overview of many of the most important movements in art, its key artists, and reference to its historical context.

Note that due to the extent of the  periods covered in this class, there is not always time to go into great depth, and students must expect to come out with a general  understanding of Art History.

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Ancient Rome

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Fin de siecle, end of the 19th century

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Summary Talk of all periods 

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