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Online Lecture Instructions

Please note that all our online lectures are delivered via the Zoom Platform.


Zoom attendees do not need their own Zoom account to join an event, registering for an event is actually very simple and you only need an email address to get started.

How to Join an Online Event:


Once you have signed up by booking on our website or emailing Mariska, simply press the link as provided to you in your confirmation email.

Once the link has been clicked (or activated) a new window will open that will either say: 'Open/launch Zoom Webinar'. Just click on the button and this will direct you straight into the talk. 


Alternatively, the new window might say: 

'Don't have Zoom Client Installed? Download Now'

This means that it is probably your first time on Zoom! Not to worry, simply click the button and it will quickly download Zoom onto your device and then get you straight into the talk. It costs nothing to download, and the file size is small. You can also uninstall it from your device at any time if you change your mind.

If you don't want to wait download the latest version of the Zoom App here - ​ ​(‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ is what you’ll need to join meetings and webinars).

However, you can also join our talks without downloading Zoom onto your device, just remember that your experience might be limited and less stable, and you may not be able to engage with the chat function.

Should the link not be a hyperlink (you can not click on it), you can simply copy the link and paste it into your search engine or browser at the top of your screen.


Please take the following into account:

  • Make sure the latest version of Chrome is installed on your computer as your browser, this will improve the quality of the streaming (Zoom does not like Safari or Internet Explorer very much)

  • You can confirm the download and upload speeds on your device, by going to, 3 Mbps or greater is ideal

  • If using an Ipad, confirm it is on iOS 11 or higher

  • May we suggest that you have only Zoom open on your computer during the session; this will help with internet speeds

  • No microphone or camera are needed

Mariska online lecture
Online lecture
Online Lecture
Andrew Online lecture
Online lecture

What Happens Once you are Online and in the Talk:


Once online we use Zoom Meeting to deliver our talks. This means your camera and microphone are turned ON and you will not only be able to see others, but they can see and hear you too! Remember to mute your video and microphone if you do not want this, and upon the start of the talk.

Personalising the screen:

To adjust who you can see, and in what size, you can change the screen to your likening by pressing 'View' with your mouse (see image below)

Online lecture instructions

It is also possible to change the size of either the slides or the speaker by moving the lines as circled on the image below, by clicking on it with your mouse and moving it left or right. This will increase the size of the slide when moving right, and the size of the image of the speaker when moving left.

Online lecture instructions
Online lecture instructions
Online lecture instructions

By choosing to 'Pin' the speaker or selecting 'Speaker View', it is just them who you will see next to the slide and not any of the other attendees.

Asking questions:

You can ask questions by unmuting yourself or by simply pressing 'chat' at the bottom of your screen with your mouse, which will open a new window. Here you can type a message or questions, which will appear on our screens the minute you press 'return' on your keyboard.

Before and at the end of the talk we love talking to you, and will take the time to look at all the comments in the chat and reply to all of them individually.


Please note that for security reasons and because many external event partners like museums require this, we need a list of real names of all the attendance in advance, and we would therefore encourage you to sign up and sign in with your own name as you might be removed and blocked from watching the talk if your name is not matched with our records.


Don't worry if you find any of this confusing, or can not get things to work. 

I am an art historian and not an IT helpdesk specialist, but I  am more than happy to try and help, so feel free to email me at:

Online lecture

PS Although “Zoombombing” has become a huge security threat for many Zoom meetings, you can feel safe attending our Zoom talks. Only real names on our attendance list are admitted into our talks. However, it is always a good idea to follow normal Zoom procedures—never share your registration confirmation email or your private Zoom link with others. Instead, if you have friends who are interested in joining any of our events, encourage them to register for the event via our website.

Guggenheim Venice with Luisella

Guggenheim Venice with Luisella

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