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DIY Pottery Repair Kit
  • DIY Pottery Repair Kit

    Chinese porcelain was introduced to Europe at the end of the 15th century. This ‘white gold’ was initially sold sporadically in Europe by Italian and later also Portuguese and Spanish merchants. It was so expensive that only the very wealthiest could afford it.

    So precious, that even broken pieces were seen as valuable and worthy of keeping, with people spending expensive materials like gold and silver to mount the shards into a decorative object.


    In Japan, the Centuries-Old Art of Repairing Broken Pottery with Gold, called Kintsugi, has never gone out of fashion, and it celebrates each artifact's unique history by emphasizing its fractures and breaks instead of hiding or disguising them.

    This kit makes it possible to do the same at home, using any broken pottery and turning it into something even more beautiful than the original, revitalizing it with a new look and giving it a second life!


    NB Can be used multiple times and on different hard materials.


    Product specifications

    • Two component glue, gold or silver powder, a brush, bamboo stearing sticks and gloves
    • Putty to fill up missing bits and pieces
    • A step by step manual with detailed pictures


    Please note that the shipment costs to Europe, the UK or the US are included, please contact us directly for the costs to other countries.