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Michael Ohajuru


Michael Ohajuru

Lecturer and writer

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (2022), Senior Fellow of the Institute of
Commonwealth Studies (2017), Honours degrees in Physics (1974) and Art History
Blogs, writes and speaks regularly on the Black presence in Renaissance
Europe. MIchael has spoken at the Metropolitan, New York and in London at the National
Gallery, Tate Britain, British Library, National Archives and the Victoria Albert Museum.

Founder of Image of the Black in London Galleries a series of gallery tours , the
Project Director and Chief Evangelist of The John Blanke Project: an Art and Archive
project celebrating John Blanke the Black trumpeter to courts of Henry VII and Henry VIII,
now in National Portrait Gallery and The National Archive, co-convener of the Institute of
Commonwealth Studies What’s Happening in Black British History series of
workshops and founder member of the Black Presence in British Portraiture network.

Twitter: @Michael1952

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